Brushchetta (V) 6

Half a ciabatta bread, toasted directly on the oven stone, then topped with fresh & sundried tomatoes marinated in herbs & olive oil, with some olives

Mozzarella sticks (V) 6.5

 Mozzarella coated in seasoned breadcrumbs, & crispy fried. With a spicy tomato & basil dip

 4 pieces

Sautéed potatoes (V) 5

Escallop potatoes pan fried with garlic, herbs & butter

Marinated Olives (V) 4

Pitted green & black olives marinated with herbs, garlic & extra virgin olive oil


Chips (V) 4
Steak cut chips

Ciabatta bread (V) 3

Stone baked rustic Italian bread

Garlic Bread (V) 4.5

A whole ciabatta bread, spread with our garlic & herb butter then stone baked.

Add 1.5 for mozarella

Seasonal salad (V) 44

Seasonal leaves, cucumber, tomato & red onion with your choice of dressing: Vinaigrette or extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar or lemon & e.v. olive oil

Foccacia (V) 8

12 " Stone baked, pizza based bread with garlic & herb butter & a sprinkling of rosemary

Foccacia with mozzarella (V) 9.5

12" Stone baked, pizza based bread with garlic & herb butter, Fior di latte mozzarella cheese & a sprinkling of rosemary

Rugola e pomodoro (V) 6

Rocket leaves, with vine tomatoes & red onion dressed with basil e.v olive oil and your choice of lemon or balsamic vinegar

Biancette (white bait) 7  

 Small whole fish, breaded & Crispy fried served with lemon & a spicy tomato dip.

14 pieces

Arancini (V) 7

Risotto rice balls with mozzarella in the centre, coated with fresh ciabatta breadcrumbs & crispy fried,  with a spicy tomato & basil dip & lemon

  3 pieces

Calamari Fritti   8

Crispy fried calamari with a spicy tomato & basil dip

10 pieces


Scampi 7.5

Wholetail scampi, breaded & crispy fried, with a spicy tomato & basil dip & lemon

8 pieces

Jalapenos Ripiene (V) 6.5   

Jalapeno halves, stuffed with marscapone cream cheese, coated with seasoned breadcrumbs & crispy fried

4 pieces

Insalata Caprese (V) 6.5
Whole Italian buffalo mozzarella sliced & layered with tomatoes seasoned with salt, pepper, oregano & parsley dressed with basil extra virgin olive oil. This is an Italian salad that is served cold

Aioli (V) 2

4oz pot of Italian garlic & parsley mayonnaise

Blue cheese mayonnaise (V) 1.5

4oz pot

Spicy tomato & basil dip (V) 1.5
4oz pot of the chefs famous San marzano tomato, herbs & chilli dip
(can be made not spicy)

Ketchup (V) 1 

or Mayo (V)  1

4oz pot