Our pizza dough is freshly made from scratch on the premises daily, hand stretched to order & cooked directly on the oven stone

For extra flavour you can add garlic olive oil or / & chilli flakes to any pizza for free 

Margherita (V) 9.5

Classic, fior di latte mozzarella cheese & seasoned san marzano tomato sauce:


Capricciosa 10.5

Cooked English ham & mushrooms

Hawaiana 10.5

Cooked English ham & pineapple

Pepperoni  10.5

Spicy Italian pepperoni

Vegetariana (V) 11.5

Oven roasted Mediterranean vegetables that include courgette, aubergine, peppers & onion

Tonno 11.5

Tuna, marinated olives & red onion

Fiorentina 12

Cooked English ham, spinach & a baked egg

Pizza Greca (V) 12

Feta cheese, red onions, marinated olives & slices of fresh tomato

Piazza di Roma 12

Anchovies, capers & marinated olives

Pizza Dolcelatte 12.5

Dolcelatte blue cheese, rocket, red onion, & a drizzle of basil olive oil

Quattro Formaggi 12.5

Mozzarella, dolcelatte, feta & parmesan

Contadina 12.5

Roast chicken breast, mushrooms, onions & roasted peppers

Pescatore 13

Seafood that include prawns, calamari, & mussels with garlic, chilli & oregano

Quattro Stagioni 13

Cooked English ham, mushrooms, roasted peppers & artichoke heart

Festa di Carni 13

Prime cuts of spiced beef, spicy Italian pepperoni & Napolitan salami

Parma e Rugola 13

Proscuitto di Parma (Parma ham), rocket & basil olive oil

Salmone Afffumicato 13
Smoked salmon, artichoke hearts, capers & a drizzle of basil olive oil

Extra Toppings & Calzone

For extra flavour you can add garlic olive oil or / and chilli flakes to your pizza for free

 Prime cuts of spiced beef, Parma ham, prawns, smoked salmon

1.5 Neapolitan salami, Italian pepperoni, roast chicken breast, anchovies, rocket, dolcelatte, feta, 

pecorino, capers, tuna, Pancetta (Italian bacon), cooked English ham, artichoke heart, double mozzarella

1 Mushrooms, pineapple, spinach, onion, marinated olives, baked egg, sweetcorn, roasted peppers, parmesan, jalapenos

0.5 chilli olive oil or basil olive oil

Calzone + 2

Pizzas can be folded into a Calzone however only cooked meats & vegetables can be used as fillings.

Unfortunately we are unable to make calzones' during very busy times