Dolce - Dessert

Dolce - Dessert

Ice Cream 2 / scoop

Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate & Raspberry Ripple

Sorbetto 2.5 / scoop

Affugato 3.5

A big scoop of vanilla ice cream with a jug of espresso to pour over it

Plum Tart Crumble 5

Short crust pastry, filled with sweet halved plums, topped

with a crunchy crumble, Served baked from the oven, with a jug of double cream or ice cream

The following desserts are served with ice cream & whipped cream

Tiramisu 5

Layers of light sponge soaked in brandy and coffee syrup,

layered & topped with zabaglione mousse & dusted with cocoa

Toffee Crunch Pie 5

Chocolate Pastry filled with layers of caramel & chocolate fudge, chocolate honeycomb pieces & toffee mousse

Caramel Apple Pie Crumble 5

Short crust pastry with sweet apple pieces & custard, topped with a crunchy crumble & caramel sauce

Fruits Sundae 5

Layers of warm summer fruits, meringue, ice cream & whipped cream

Lemon Tart 5

A light pastry case with a tangy lemon filling

Sticky Toffee Pudding 5

Served hot

Chocolate Fudge Cake 5

Served warm

Hot Drinks

Hot Drinks 2.5


Breakfast / Green / Peppermint / Herbal / Fruit / Earl Grey

Espresso / Double Espresso

Flat white




Mochaccino + 0.50

Hot Chocolate + 0.50

Liquor Coffee 5.5

All Coffees are also available as Decaffeinated


25ml 3.25 / 50ml 6

Grappa , Sambuca,

Vecchia Romagna, Limoncello,

Tia Maria, Malibu, Baileys, Amaretto

50ml 3.25

Marsala Wine, Port


25ml 3.25 / 50ml 6

Smirnoff Vodka, Jack Daniels,

Whisky: Jamesons / Bell’s,

XO Cognac, Gordons Gin